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Tricia Mpisi makes her acting debut in two upcoming feature films from Azania Productions currently in post-production.

THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS | Short film by Tricia Mpisi | A film about grief

THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS | Short film by Tricia Mpisi | A film about grief

I lost my parents 3 days after my 6th birthday, and although I can never really bring myself to really talk about it or post about it on social media, I thought I'd do what I do best and make a short film. I used to think grief was something that someone only did at funerals but I realised it's a journey that I will be on for the rest of my life. So, I dedicate this short to my loving mother Rose, and father Desiré Mpisi, the best people I have ever known. The idea for the short came from a song by one of my favourite artists "Sleeping at last" called "Hourglass". If you want to check him out: Sleeping at last: Hourglass by Sleeping at last: It's about a funeral and although I barely remember my parent's funeral, that day has always stuck with me, I remember seeing them in those little boxes, they looked so peaceful, almost as if they were smiling. I've hated funerals ever since but honestly the worst part isn't even the funeral, it's going home to an empty house and knowing that you'll never get to see the ones you love the most ever again, at least not in this life. The music of the film I got from the YouTube Audio Library by Emmit Fenn: To anyone who's experiencing grief, I wish I could give you advice seeing that I've been grieving for literally the majority of my life but I just can't. There are no rules to this thing, just be gentle and kind to yourself, it will forever hurt and time won't make it any better but for whatever reason and by whatever power, a broken heart can always find sheer happiness again. To my dearest parents, your lives were not in vain; until we meet again. 🕊️😊🌿 📱 Catch me on my other socials:
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